Raising the Bar for Testing and Calibration of Retail Fuel Dispensers

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Today’s retail fuel dispensers are fully automated payment solutions that are web enabled with streaming media and interactive marketing on color screens. These high tech devices are loaded with capabilities including automatic temperature compensation, enhanced security, better durability and improved flow measurement accuracy. Unfortunately, all of these modern tools still rely upon old test methods, processes and equipment that can leave you giving away product.

If you’re not aware the majority of all retail fuel dispensers are calibrated using a metal container that is open to atmosphere and allows fuel vapor (product) to escape. Anyone who’s ever filled a gas can has seen these vapors pouring out of the container, it’s no secret. To compensate for these vapor losses the technician will dispense additional fuel from the dispenser until he reads the desired 5 gallons on a visual indicator. Net result, the volume shown on your dispenser will generally be greater than what is actually in the test can so there is a good chance that your dispensers are being adjusted to give away product by under registering the actual amount delivered. There are other factors that can influence the outcome of the manual testing such as the time between test runs, the condition of the test can, ambient temperature, and the technician’s experience.

Based on years of industry experience and knowledge around flow measurement TMS (Total Meter Services, Inc. ) went to work to create a superior NEW technology called the TMS CLP (closed loop prover), This compact, small volume (Patented) calibration technology eliminates all of the common issues found in other test devices. TMS CLP was designed as a closed loop system so there is no venting to atmosphere, no vapor loss. It’s built to dispense exactly 5 gallons (20 liters) per draft, no guessing. The operator merely moves a valve handle to dispense fuel into the cylinder and then moves the handle back again to make another test run. No adjustments or operator interpretation of the results. It means that the operator can perform rapid tests runs to evaluate the dispenser within it’s normal flow range (without restricting the flow) and then apply a precise calibration adjustment. Fuel is discharged back into holding tanks automatically thus eliminating trips back and forth across the forecourt to empty test runs. This fully automated system captures all of the calibration data for producing comprehensive reports and stores for future reference and diagnostics. Helps to determine premature meter wear (drift) and other service issues without the costly downtime or fuel losses. Nothing is left to chance TMS CLP is the complete solution!

TMS CLP has proven to be a superior technology in all situations…it’s quicker, safer and highly effective in eliminating shrink caused by vapor losses, meter drift and meter inaccuracy. We also offer a version for LPG and is terrific for testing auto gas dispensers, cylinder filling stations, and RV fueling.


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