The TMS Volumetric Propane Dispenser is a state of the art system that combines true volumetric dispensing with tank level information to manage inventory and wireless transmission of transaction data back to office systems. Taking your LPG/Propane to the next level.

Created to show the true amount of propane dispensed for small cylinders (5-100lbs), the TMS VPD combines mass and volume measuring technologies to ensure safe and accurate dispensing.  This new product will allow retailers to offer their customers real savings and will help manage dispensing and inventory operations.

The system uses industry leading products from Veeder-RootTM, Interweigh SystemsTM, DaycoTM and TuthillTM.  Tying it all together is a customized TMS Datalink software package based on the TMS6000 suite of software products highly regarded across North America.




Features of the Software Platform:


  • Track Volumetric Data (Sales, Inventory)
  • Display in either Liters or Gallons
  • All Prompts Multi-Lingual
  • On screen tank levels
  • Customized Ticket
  • Manager Reports
  • Authentication & Security
  • Client card authorization
  • Overfill cut off protection
  • Tank expiry feature
  • Emergency stop
  • Office software for data capture
  • Three Data Transmission Options (900Mhz Wireless, USB, Ethernet)


Features of the Hardware Platform


  • Built to NSC Standard B149.2-M91
  • Rugged frame suited for all environments
  • Hose hanger with 6’ filling hose
  • Industry standard filling connections
  • Integrated alpha-numeric keypad
  • Variable piping (side or rear piped)
  • Single or dual scale position available
  • Compliance’s