Raising the Bar on the LPG Transport Loading and Terminal Management

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Raising the bar for the LPG Industry fuel terminal operations! TMS has created the perfect solution to improve your bottom line through superior accuracy and reduced load times at the rack. This fully automated system combines state of the art Coriolis Fuel Measurement with the industry leading TMS-6000 Terminal management software to track every molecule dispensed (Volume, Mass, Vapor), we measure it all while the TMS-6000 software manages the rest; “Who, What, When,Where, Why, and How.” From the point of entry into your facilities through fueling TMS is protecting your interests and keeping an eye on everything…bio-metric scanners, video surveillance, automatic vehicle ID, site access control, load limits (including hours of operation, days of the week, credit limits, maximum volumes, and more.) TMS creates the E-BOL and sends electronically within seconds of the truck loading to speed your receivables into your bank. Allows you to manage the site from anywhere via internet and reconciles fueling activity up to the minute. It’s fully automated to run as a self-serve system so you can rest assured that your assets are always being protected at all times. Contact TMS today for more information on how we can help your business.

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