Raising the Bar on LPG Cylinder Filling

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Raising the bar on LPG Cylinder Filling! TMS has created the perfect solution for improving your bottom line and driving additional profits into your retail location. Modern, friendly, and clean this fully automated LPG filling station tracks every drop of fuel in and out of storage using digital scales, digital fuel meters, automatic (real-time) tank gauging to insure maximum accountability. You’ll enjoy enhanced safety and security via the vapor sensors that monitor for leaks and automatically disable the system and activate alarms. Beyond this TMS software monitors and controls site access and all activities including operator login, tank size/selection, expiration date, and automatically determines the maximum fill percentage. The system automatically checks the tank weight to confirm tank size and does NOT permit filling expired tanks. Built to fill all cylinder sizes from 5 lb. up to 100 lb. this is the complete solution to modernize your business.


Reconcile your fuel sales in seconds from anywhere in the world via internet connection to your sites. Eliminates fuel shrink, overfills, employee training issues, safety issues, and more. Are you ready…Contact TMS today to learn more.

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