TMS6000 Automation Software products are the most cost effective and flexible Web based custody transfer control & data collection system in the market today.


Interface to Industry Equipment
■ Electronic presets
■ Meter registers
■ Card readers
■ Security cameras
■ Weigh scales
■ Tank level monitoring

Information Entry Validation
■ Operator ID & PIN
■ Vehicle
■ Locomotive number
■ Train / route number
■ Customer

■ Operator PIN
■ Card readers
■ Bio-metrics
■ Hand ID
■ Fingerprint ID

Web Based Access
■ Secured
■ Database management
■ Fueling activity
■ Tank farm inventory
■ Reporting
■ 3rd Party access to their transaction data

TMS6000 Automation Software is the popular choice for all types of flow measurement applications such as locomotive refueling, railcar unloading because it is reliable, easy to use and has a high ROI.