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Today’s retail fuel dispensers are fully automated payment solutions that are web enabled with streaming media and interactive marketing on color screens. These high tech devices are loaded with capabilities including automatic temperature compensation, enhanced security, better durability and improved flow measurement accuracy.
EMR – Fueling Automation for Bulk Fuelers -Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Upgrade all your mechanical registers on your fuel trucks and at the bulk plant to EMR3 with Datalink to wirelessly and automatically track deliveries. At the same time, use the EMR3, to implement automated valve and pump control, and pin access control to ensure only authorized and trained operators could use your equipment.
When it comes delivering a custom fueling solution TMS is the Gold Standard for Innovation, Integration and Automation. TMS was presented with a unique opportunity to design, build and install a modern bio-diesel facility capable of receiving base product from rail into storage for production.

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TMS6000 Terminal Automation

The TMS6000 Automation Software operates on a workstation computer with Windows XP or higher. It provides the client with the security they want by using card access and/or Personal Identification Numbers (PIN). The operators access is carried out at the device and verified by the software.